Character or Image? Exhibition 1-30 June 2022, Riverhead Gallery, Louth

I don't normally write about my exhibitions, but I felt as I have not been exhibiting solo out of lockdown since July 2019 I would include a bit of information about CHARACTER OR IMAGE?

Is art for art’s sake or must it have a commercial tag of success attached to it, and lots of internet ‘likes’, in order for it to be worthy? This is not a new question, but it is a valid one. It was with this in mind that I chose ‘Character or Image?’ as a theme and title as this is related to perceived worth.

The exhibition explored the notion that ‘real art’ is where either the canvas or paper is completely filled with paint or dry medium, leaving no room for the imagination to work and appreciate subtle nuances. Many regard drawing and ‘incomplete’ work as precursors to the ‘real art’ when in fact they can be, and often are, beautiful and/or thought-provoking works of art themselves. This approach allows me the freedom to immediately respond to a subject and express it in its most raw and fresh state; art where what is expressed goes beyond the image.

I chose to display the work in an unconventional way, namely glorified noticeboards, to encourage a closer examination.