I am a figurative artist who revels in working with figures and faces, shapes and colours, focusing on movement within my work as my main theme. I have always been interested in, and enthusiastic about art be it painting, sculpture or anything else that catches my eye.

Of Scandinavian extraction I have a distant Swedish cousin who was an artist and my father was a professional photographer. I revel, as a figurative artist, in working with figures and faces, shapes and colours, focussing on movement within my work. I work in a variety of media including, oil paint, watercolour, ink, pencil, pastels and I also create my unique prints, monotypes, using oil based ink on paper.

Over the years, I have studied old masters and new and influences in my work reflect admiration for the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and the photographic and graphic realism of Dutch renaissance painters, as well as much 19th to 21st century work.

I admire an extensive range of artists and am interested in contemporary developments. Future projects will involve using and incorporating into my work a family archive of photographic work. It’s going to be an exciting exploration using different media and processes.

Sale of and commissioned work

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my work on the website or work you may have seen at my exhibitions.

I offer commissions. You would need to contact me to discuss requirements, wishes and the process of achieving this.

I can also offer 2 hour demonstrations.

I like to refresh my images from time to time so there is more work available. Do contact me to discuss my work or any projects you would like me to do by the Contact Form on this page.

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