Exploring Art

In this section I shall periodically write down some thoughts about my art and how I am developing ideas for projects.

I shall be using the gallery called Inspiration to refer you to what has caught my attention while working on various projects. These will include photographs of pencil drawings and works which are very difficult to photograph, so please forgive me for the quality of these offerings!
25 January 2021

Well, it has been a while! Christmas Holidays came and went. Then home-schooling came and is still here. I am fortunate not to mind and can do this, but it does mean there is not so much time for art. However, I dip in and out to make sure my eye is sharp. My addition today, well, it sums up what we all have to do at the moment, contort ourselves. Archival, A4, pencil

24 December 2020

I, like many others, have been inspired by Portrait Artist of the Week. Here is a piece inspired by Portrait Artist of the Year and Carlos Acosta. A4 Archival as always. Again, winter light hampers a good photograph!!

7 December 2020

During this time of not being able to plan exhibitions I have been taking the opportunity to take part in the weekly portrait sessions with Sky Arts Portrait of the Week on Sundays. It is always enjoyable and it does make you think about portraiture and art in general. I have included two different versions of a portrait. Is one 'more of a portrait' than the other? What makes a portrait? Number 1 is Jon Snow, oil on canvas and Number 2 is Lesley Garrett, pencil on paper.

27 November 2020

The light might be low and useless for taking good photographs of work,especially pencil drawings, but inspiration strikes with a reference that has produced this drawing and a mediocre photograph! I am continuing to be inspired by ballet dancers. This work is archival, pencil, 20x20cm.

18 November 2020

I could not resist doing this drawing of Fatima Pantoja. She was the artist who painted Baroness Floella Benjamin on Portrait Artist of the Week on Sunday 15 November. Wonderful artist. Pencil on 20x20cm paper. Archival as always. Light rubbish for photograph as always!

1 November 2020

FRAGMENTS IN TIME forms a part of a series of monoprints. each slightly different at each hand pressing as I do not use a press, nor strive for replication. I am in the process of developing more ideas for further pieces.

16 October 2020

Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself. Archival as always, ink on 23x30cm grey paper. The hands were what caught my attention. It has been bad light for a photograph ....

13 October 2020

I do like to vary my subjects and references. This one is of a dancer and I thought it was a good contrast to my ink drawing on 10 October. Again this is an archival work using ink on 23x30cm grey paper.

10 October 2020

I came across another excellent reference from Lisa Dales Photography. This time it's all about exuberance and enjoyment. How could I resist the challenge of another ink?

2 October 2020

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Archival work on 23x30cm grey paper.

23 September 2020

The portrait in watercolour is an interesting piece. As you know I love figurative work and am inspired by images that enable me to convey something beyond a copy. I feel I want to push further and get something other than replication of an image within my work. In this instance I felt there was an overlay of uncertainty and perhaps being out of her depth; not just a pretty picture. Image has today's date on it for your reference.

20 September 2020

This image of a Japanese figure just beckoned me to draw it. I thought I would experiment with a different colour and composition just to see what would happen. A quiet walk ....

I have added today's date to the image to which I am referring.

13 September 2020

I am delighted to be part of The National Centre for Crafts & Design Art Club online Exhibition (See Exhibitions Section for more details.) The place itself is well worth a visit. It’s a fantastic space and has thought-provoking and inspiring exhibitions.

The work that I chose to do for this exhibition was to encompass the theme Creative Healing. It is from this work that I share with you my inspiration from having done this work and thought about why I so enjoyed creating it. It was the quiet feeling of partnership that drew me into this image by Lisa Dales Photography. As I love to challenge myself I started straight in with the ink which is unforgiving if you make a mistake! See the result in Inspiration. I have put today's date on the image for reference.

5 September 2020

My website has changed format and I hope I shall be able to present me and my work in an informative way so I shall start with the following to set the scene!

I love generating movement in all my work be it literal or internal to the composition, and I am particularly enthralled by dancers. I love the challenge of creating thoughtful, thought-provoking and even beautiful work. Leonardo da Vinci’s work, particularly his drawings, has made a huge impression on me.