Musings and News

In this section I shall periodically post thoughts and musings about my art and how I am developing ideas for projects.
12 September 2023

I have an update on the art book ‘What Inspires Art?’ which was produced as a result of the Usher Open Art exhibition 2022. As you may remember it comprises stories and images of works by a hundred and ten Lincolnshire-based artists, including me, who discuss the inspiration behind their work during lockdown. There is a wide variety of work, it is inspiring, and a valuable resource.

It is now available on Amazon: ‘What Inspires Art?’, Kevin Byron, editor. Search using ‘what inspires art kevin byron’.

The profits from the sale of the book will go to the Usher Gallery Trust, Lincoln, Lincolnshire to fund another open art exhibition.

7 September 2023

I am so delighted about being Top 200 IWM World Winner with my watercolour, In Contemplation, see Musings gallery. This will be screened at the International Watercolour Masters 2024 at Lilleshall Hall, Telford, TF10 9AT, England, UK May 15-24, 2024.

5 August2023

On this rainy Saturday I found inspiration in sculpture for today’s musing, accompanied by music by William Byrd, sung by The Gesualdo Six.

22 July 2023

It is interesting how references and images spark imagination. My latest musing has given me two oil paintings and a monoprint project lined up! I may not be a 'fast' artist, but I work 'smart', hahaha!

19 April 2023

I was thinking about drawing this image in ink (see Ink Gallery) while I was off doing other things last week. Artists never stop working! Archival, ink, 30x41cm paper.

7 April 2023

I thought it was time to challenge myself out of the pencil with the ability to rub out work, so out came the ink! This is my Bank Holiday offering. Both drawings are on 41x30cm approx.

2 March 2023

It is interesting to compare the ink drawing I posted yesterday to this one. I love ink because the mark you make remains as you cannot remove it. I have just started my journey using ink with brushes rather than using ink pens. I have developed a freedom with the pens. With this one of Alessandra Ferri, an exceptional ballerina who should inspire us all, I decided to use some more of my larger Chinese brushes to see what would happen! The inks are amazing and the brushes load so much ink it is gorgeous. The photograph is taken to let you see the lush gorgeousness …. Archival as always and 43x61cm. I went for it. I was a little more careful yesterday. See gallery Ink 28 February 2023. I may revisit the beautiful pas de deux of yesterday’s post and allow more freedom perhaps, although I am not unhappy with it as it is. It is the largest I have done so far ....

17 February 2023

Well, here is a musing in my Musings book, picture posted in the Musings gallery. It is a dull day so photo is as it is! It was a nice surprise to find my letter in The Artists & Illustrators Magazine this morning talking about coloured pencils. I shall be doing more drawings with my special coloured pencils in due course. However, at the moment I am into oils, which take time to dry, hence this morning's musing.

7 January 2023

Image is in the Musings gallery: I have been meaning to use this reference for quite some time. It is a scene from a ballet, and I am ashamed to say I have forgotten which, but it is 'vintage'! It could be an opera. I know it is from The Royal Opera House .... During the week we acquired a calligraphy pen with four different nibs for the whole family to use. I have been toying with the idea of dip pens so I thought I would see how it felt. I have to say that the nib is beautiful to use and I think there may be potential for more work using ink and dip pens of all shapes and sizes. I have not tried the square nibs yet.

31 December 2022

I was given a sketch book which I have decided is for random musings and work which is not intended for archival work or exhibition; just fun and experimenting.

12 December 2022

Well, Social Media is great when it works. My Instagram account broke and gave me partial access to the content so I have had to set up a new one. All that work developing a presence online gone in a jiffy! However, art is everlasting so I am not overly worried about it. As a quote on T-shirt says 'Don't stress about it'!